ASFPM 2017 Annual National Conference Plenary and Concurrent Session Presentations

By presenting at the 2017 ASFPM Annual National Conference, presenters authorized ASFPM to display, show, and redistribute, without alteration, the presentation materials provided at the 2017 ASFPM Annual National Conference.

ASFPM has made available those Concurrent Session presentations that we were provided. Not all presenters chose to share their presentations with us. We will continue to add presentations as they become available from the presenters. If you are looking for a specific presentation that is not on this list, please feel free to contact the presenter directly.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1

Welcome Address

Sly James, Mayor, Kansas City, MO

Sly James Welcome Address Video coming soon

Managing Flood Risk in the Heartland

Lee Kellenberger, Stormwater Management Program, Johnson County, Kansas

Evolution of Innovative Stormwater Management
Lee Kellenberger Plenary Video

Randy Behm, PE, CFM, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Nonstructural FloodProofing Committee

Programs, Projects & Training to Reduce Flood Losses
Randy Behm Plenary Video

Paul Osman, CFM, Manager, NFIP & Floodplain Management, Office of Water Resources, Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Midwest Mitigation Practices in the Face of Great Floods
Paul Osman Plenary Video

Moderator: Ceil Strauss, CFM, ASFPM Chair, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Keynote Luncheon

Foundation Donor Recognition

Doug Plasencia, PE, CFM, ASFPM Foundation President, Moffatt & Nichol

Foundation Report
Doug Plasencia Foundation Report Video

David Reidmiller, PhD, Director, National Climate Assessment, U.S. Global Change Research Program, Washington, DC

Implementing Climate Change on the Ground
David Reidmiller Keynote Video

Moderator: Ceil Strauss, CFM, ASFPM Chair, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Plenary Session 2

Spotlight on Innovative Mapping and Data Tools

David Guignet, PE, State NFIP Coordinator & Chief of Regulatory Services Division, Wetlands & Waterways Program, Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore, Maryland

Spotlight on Innovative Mapping and Data Tools
David Guignet Plenary Video

Dave Canaan, Water & Land Resources Director, Mecklenburg County Water & Land Resources, Charlotte, North Carolina

Spotlight on Innovative Mapping and Data Tools
Dave Canaan Plenary Video

Todd Davison, Program Director, NOAA Office for Coastal Management

Spotlight on Innovative Mapping and Data Tools
Todd Davison Plenary Video

Nicholas Shufro, Asst. Administrator, Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration, FEMA/DHS

Spotlight on Innovative Mapping and Data Tools
Nicholas Shufro Plenary Video

Q&A from Plenary 2 Video


Moderator: Larry Larson, PE, CFM, ASFPM Sr. Policy Advisor, Director Emeritus


Plenary Session 3

Nonstructural Mitigation: Success Stories from the Front Lines!

David Sturch, Code Enforcement Manager, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Partnering for Flood Risk Reduction Since the ’90s
David Sturch Plenary Video

Tony Mercantante, PP, AICP, Township Administrator, Middletown, NJ

Packaging Programs to Mitigate Effectively
Tony Mercantante Plenary Video

Brian Varrella, PE, CFM, Colorado DOT

Colorado Framework for Hazard Mitigation
Brian Varrella Plenary Video

Moderator: Maria Cox Lamm, CFM, ASFPM Vice Chair, South Carolina DNR

Q&A for Plenary Session 3 coming soon

FEMA Town Hall Session

FEMA Data Visualization Tool: Historic Flood Risk and Cost
FEMA Town Hall Video

ASFPM Annual National Awards Luncheon sponsored by PWC

Masters of Ceremonies: Allison Hardin, CFM and Jerry Robinson, PE, CFM

Todd Davison Receives ASFPM Meritorious Lifetime Achievement Award

Awards Luncheon Video

Concurrent Sessions

* Indicates presentations targeted for State Floodplain Managers and Hazard Mitigation Officers

Concurrent Session A – Tuesday

A1: Assessments to Evaluate & Prioritize Mitigation Options

A2 – Implementing a Proactive Land Acquisition Framework for Flood Risk Reduction by Sam Brody, PhD, Texas A&M University; Wesley Highfield, Helen Walters

A2 – Owen County, IN Transportation Vulnerability Assessment by David Knipe, PE, CFM, Indiana DNR; Matt Riggs, GISP, CFM, The Polis Center